Photo 366 challenge – week 15

So again I am playing catch-up on my blog. I really should get my act together a bit better. Maybe if the lovely spring weather were to return hat might help? Unlikely? Well, I’ll just have to be stricter with myself once we have the apartment sold. I cannot wait for that moment, so that we don’t have to live in a super minimalist, echoey white box any longer! I want to be able to have things out on surfaces and not have to wipe down and polish everything every time one of us touches it. Hrrumph…

Enough of the moaning. Photos instead.

Day 100:

Easter Monday best

Little O all dressed up smartly on Easter Monday. It was a little challenging to take this picture as often now when he sees me with the iPhone poised to take a picture, Little O will run up to me and try and see what is on the screen.To snap this one, involved me running backwards with him running towards me. This is the point where he had me cornered in the kitchen and I just managed to snap this before he tried again to take the iPhone from me.

Day 101:


We met up with a friend at the playground, where she and Little O shared the basket swing.

Day 102:

In memoriam

We flew down to southern Sweden on Tuesday night and then the next day we went to my father-in-law’s funeral. These were the flowers that we had chosen for him. The service was beautiful – very fitting and a good memorial to him. You might just be able to make them out in the picture but the small blue flowers woven into the display are Forget-me-nots – a flower from a Hungarian song (Kék Nefelejcs).

Day 103:

A future Little Buddha meets Buddha?

Little O (a future Little Buddha?) checking out a Buddha fountain in a furniture store.

Day 104:

Wedding day memories

I took Little O and Baby E a couple of kilometers down the road from Husband’s childhood home to visit the castle (Häckeberga Slott) where we held our wedding reception. Unfortunately, Baby E slept through the visit, but Little O had fun exploring.

Day 105:

King of the castle

The next day we visited another castle – the one that had been our second wedding venue option – Svaneholms Slott.

Day 106:

Brotherly cuddles

Little O, Baby E and I had stayed on with my mother-in-law after the funeral on Wednesday while Husband flew back up to Stockholm to tidy up and prepare for the open house sessions for the apartment sale. These days really helped Little O to become more loving towards Baby E and on Sunday he asked two or three times to hold his baby brother. It filled my heart with pride.