WIWW: Navy and gold

I decided to further embrace my navy trend this week with an all navy outfit, with a little bit of gold on the side. Who doesn’t love navy and gold?

An English Mamma in Stockholm: wiww navy and gold what i wore wednesday

I found this t-shirt yesterday at Lindex and thought it was perfect to lift an outfit like this. Plus it was good value. I really like what Lindex is doing these days. Some items can still look a little frumpy but the Holly & Whyte range is pretty good and they have just started stocking workout clothes too.

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What I Wore Wednesday

You know last week when I said about my winter coat? Well, of course, the temperature dropped and yesterday I reluctantly got out my North Face down coat. This coat has to be one of my best winter purchases in Sweden. It’s lovely and toasty-warm inside it. On the other hand, this year I made it until December before getting this coat out, and that is something of a victory.

What I Wore Wednesday

The outside of my What I Wore Wednesday outfit was said down coat. As I had a lunch date today with a former colleague who is something of a mentor to me, I went smart-casual today. I didn’t want to wear a skirt in case we walked a distance from the office to the restaurant, so my new Massimo Dutti navy blue coated jeans with a jacket seemed like a good option (MD refers to them as rubberized jeans, but they are far chicer looking than that suggests…).

An English Mamma in Stockholm: what i wore wednesday wiww massimo dutti trousers

I picked the jumper up at Oasis last week on special offer. I like that the patterned collar is detachable, so you can wear the jumper for very different looks.

You cannot see them in this photo, but the I’m wearing one of my favourite pairs of shoes again. These shoes are brilliant – nice and high but the chunky heel means I can easily walk in them. I’m always on the look-out for similar pairs (preferably in black) but I’m yet to find anything that matches these.

(Linking up (a day late…) with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy – I love her outfits!)

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Wedding outfits

Summer means that it is wedding season and that means wedding outfits need to be bought. In recent years we have been invited to a number of family weddings. The bonus of being the oldest cousin in the clan, I guess, is the we got to go first and now its the others’ turns. This year is no exception, with one of my cousins getting married in the UK in September.

September is a difficult month though. Last year, we visited the UK in September and we had 24 degrees for the first day and then rain and 14 degrees for the rest of the week. But I am being optimistic with my outfits for the wedding. Foolish, maybe, but optimistic.

Friday night wedding outfit

I ended up buying dresses for both the Friday and the Saturday in the same store: Valerie in MOOD.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: wedding outfit valerie dress vicia

For the Friday, I chose the Vicia dress as this was a little more casual than what I decided on for the actual wedding day. I think I can also get a lot of use out of this dress afterwards too.

My main dilemma here is shoes and bag. What colour should I go for? It will be next to impossible to match that tangerine orange (plus I’m not sure how much future use I’ll get from tangerine orange shoes…), and the beige will also be a challenge to match.

Perhaps a pair of nude-coloured shoes would work best? What do you think?

I could have fun with a tangerine-coloured clutch though, I think.

Saturday wedding outfit

For the wedding on the Saturday, I’ve chosen another Valerie dress, but this one a little more formal: a capped-sleeved gold stripy dress.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: wedding outfits valerie gold stripe stripy dress carvela shoes heels

I’ve already bought the shoes to go with this, a pair of Carvela heels that I got half price in the Kurt Geiger sale. (In the photo they don’t look like they match so well, but they do in real life.) I want to get a clutch as well, something in gold but not too large as I think there can be such a thing as too much gold.

And because it will be September in the UK and you never know – it could be an Indian summer; it could be chilly – I also need to find a shawl or wrap to go with the dress. More gold would definitely be overkill though. But what colour could I go for?

I had been hoping that my hair would grow a little quicker, but it looks as if it will still not have reached my shoulders by early September. So I think I will make use of the hair extension clip that I picked up in Glitter in the spring. Given what it cost, it actually looks good because you can wrap it and pin it easy into a chignon.

Then the last stage is to make myself some head gear. And that’s going to be the most exciting part of putting this outfit together. Watch this space.

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