Looking back at 2011

looking back at 2011

Photo by Sascha Grant (Flickr Creative Commons)

Like last year, I’ve decided to round up the past year, month by month, looking back at 2011.

– In January, I decided to get my blogging mojo back by taking part in WordPress’s Post A Week 2011 challenge. Hmmm, it didn’t really go so well for me: by early April I had already skipped a week and then I was silent for the first two weeks in July, and the less about early September the better… One of my favourite posts that month was What’s your style, where I discussed the various different parenting books available.

– The following month, I admitted to being a grammar snob, documented some of Baby O’s teething troubles and embarked on a photography course online.

– Then on to March, in which I changed the design of my blog, tried to discover a strategy to stop Baby O’s new biting habit and got pushy and snagged a place for Baby O at preschool.

– In April, I got very excited about Apple products and POP clothes, and wondered whether Baby O would be walking properly before his first birthday.

– Baby O transitioned into Little O as he turned one in May, started walking and began to say some sounds that could be recognised as words, he learned to stop biting all and sundry and wanted to start feeding himself.

– June was a busy month for us – Little O starting at preschool, learning to communicate more and more, me (secretly) going through the early stages of pregnancy, us spending a long weekend in Budapest, during which Little O had his worst illness yet – but a quiet one on the blog…

– In July, I had an evening of celeb spotting (two in one night!) and updated my blog post on what do to in Stockholm with a little one.

– In the following month, I revealed that I was pregnant, wrote up Little O’s birth story and had a bit of a rant.

– During September, I reached the halfway point in my pregnancy, shared our progress in the Relationship SOS challenge and laughed at some spam.

– The next month, we bought a new stroller and a potty for Little O to test out and I discovered Polyvore.

– In November, I started to feel a little down, with too many things getting on top of me, but then the Gallery challenge for 11.11.11 lifted my spirits, and I finished the month with some pearls of wisdom that I had learnt!

– And in the final month of the year, I got a bit concerned about Klout, realised it was time for Little O to have a haircut and, of course, celebrated Christmas.

So, there we go; that was 2011. And now let’s see what 2012 holds in store.


Living for the weekend

At the moment, I am just counting the days and hours until the weekend rolls on. The past few days have been manic: Friday, I flew down to Copenhagen and worked from our office there for the day, did a presentation, met up with Husband and Little O, jumped on a train and then spent the weekend with the in-laws in southern Sweden. We flew back Sunday evening, then it was up early on Monday for the usual work/preschool collection/afternoon with Little O/crash out at 8.30pm routine. Yesterday, I flew to Oslo for the day, did the same presentation as in Copenhagen, spent the rest of day in the office there, flew back yesterday evening after Little O was in bed. Today, up early and into work to do the same presentation and then the same routine as Monday. Tomorrow, it’s another early start, a flight to Helsinki, doing the same presentation yet again (fourth and final time), spending the rest of the day working from the office there, flying back in the evening after Little O is in bed. Then Friday will be presentation-less (hooray!) but the same tight routine as Monday.

So, yes, Friday evening and an hour at the hairdresser, followed by date night on Saturday… well, it cannot come around fast enough for me. And the added bonus about Saturday is that it was Husband’s idea – and this means he’s fulfilling his part of the bargain for Karin’s Relationship SOS Challenge over at Cafe Bebe without even knowing it.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bed. Zzzzzzz…


Relationship SOS challenge – the date

Photo by Arty Smokes (deaf mute) via Flickr (Creative Commons)

I know, I know, I should have written about this an age ago… Damn you, real life, getting in the way!

While we were in the UK, we went on our proper date, as I promised that we would as part of the Relationship SOS challenge, set by Karin at Cafe Bebe.

We ended up not staying out for too long, but we had a lovely evening. We were very good and did not talk too much about Little O or gyermek, although I must admit that most of the meal was spent discussing work issues as we’d both spent the previous week before our holiday working flat out. We pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves – the advantage of dinner on a Sunday night in a seaside town out of season.

And it seems as if Husband has taken the idea to heart and suggested that we have a meal out or even go and see a film (in a real cinema, no less!) on Friday. Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to get a babysitter, but it’s the thought that counts. (And I will make sure to remind him of that thought in due course!)


Relationship SOS challenge – so far…

Photo by Arty Smokes (deaf mute) via Flickr (Creative Commons)

So, last night was one of our “mini date nights” that I wrote about as part of the Relationship SOS challenge, set by Karin at Cafe Bebe.

It was an at-home mini date, but it still counts, okay? And we actually managed to follow a few of the “rules” – no television, just us talking and having some laughs over a few glasses of red wine (him) and a bottle of non-alcoholic beer (me). It was a very pleasant evening and it reminded me just how much fun we can have in each other’s company when we’re not arguing about discussing all the little bits and pieces that need to get done.

And we’re still on track for our “proper” date night – now scheduled for early September, when we’re in the UK and have grandparents to hand as babysitters. Now all I have to do is decide where we’re going and book it.


Relationship SOS challenge

Over at Cafe Bebe, Karin has set a challenge: the Relationship SOS challenge. She has given us the month of August to make a date with our other halves – a real date if you can manage or a night without the television, just the two of you actually talking and enjoying each others’ company.

This really struck a chord with me as we have been trying to do just this on Saturday nights, but already, after just three Saturdays, we found ourselves watching tv last night rather than having a proper conversation.

So, I have decided to sign up for Karin’s challenge but to do it in style and try and endeavour that we have both Saturday nights without the tv and a real date in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I know that the “real” date cannot happen until September when we are over in the UK and I have arranged with my mum that they babysit one night, but at least we can spend the next few Saturdays having some “us” time after Little O is tucked up in bed.

Wish us luck!