What’s in a name?

One of the prompts on WordPress’s The Daily Post blog this week was “What is story behind your given name?“. Actually, there is a story behind my first name. My name is one of the most popular girls’ names in the mid-1970s (in my school year of 65 girls, seven of us had this name, which means almost 11% of us with the same name). However, my name has quite an unusual spelling. When, as a child, I asked why my name was spelled this way, she told me that she’d seen the spelling on a gas bill that had been sent from Croydon.

When I googled Croydon to illustrate it for this post, this was the most interesting page I found…

(Incidentally, I once spelled my name out on the phone and was asked by the person on the other end where it was from. I said “A road in Croydon” to which they answered that it was “very exotic”. I told them that they had obviously never been to Croydon…)