Boys on bikes – how to explore by bicycle

We had a breakthrough last week: a cycling breakthrough. We have now got the boys on bikes thanks to new child seats and we have managed to get out and explore by bicycle  four days out of seven last week.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: bicycle child seat bike

The boys explore by bicycle

Last Wednesday we only took a small trip, going out to the Botanisk Have (Botanical Gardens). Unfortunately, the cafe was already closed and the weather was not ideal, so we cycled around a little and then headed back home. We were a little more adventurous on Friday, cycling around the water at Brunnsviken.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: boys on bikes explore by bicycle brunnsviken stockholm

On Saturday we took a long ride and went to Djursholm and ate melon and played football by the water. We were pretty pleased that we’d chosen only our second best football, because after 5 minutes of playing, this happened:

An English Mamma in Stockholm: lost football water archipelago stockholm

We spent the next 15 minutes with large sticks trying to coax the ball back to the shore while comforting the boys on their loss. We had to tell them about all of the wonderful adventures that their football was about the embark upon.

And then on Sunday we took a trip (in the intermittent rain) for lunch at Piren on Kungsholmen.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: boy colouring in drawing

An English Mamma in Stockholm: toddler colouring in drawing

And the freedom that we’ve felt has been wonderful. No more wrangling a struggling E into a pushchair, no more O bouncing on the board on the back of said pushchair until it reaches near breaking point. I know that we could easily have taken the bus or train to these places before, but we just never go around to it. Now, with the bikes, it feels like we can get out and about so much more.

I’ve also just read that bicycling is the secret to happiness. Yes, really. This is great news: I cycle into work each morning (well, within reason – I am a fair-weather cyclist, after all) and we are certainly going to back out on our bikes this summer and for as long as we can into the autumn. And the boys have loved being on the bikes with us and getting out to new and different places.

If we can explore the city more with the boys by bicycle, it can only be a good thing.

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