Pollen vortex

Last week just sped by, probably because it had only had four working days. But what working days they were. By the end of the week, I was knackered. I reached that stage where I was too exhausted even to feel properly exhausted. I just felt, well… nothing really.

And now it is Thursday and this week looks like it is going the same way.

Part of it has to do with this:

An English Mamma in Stockholm: hayfever allergy pollen medication tablets nasal spray hay max

This is my daily survival pack these days. My allergy is particularly bad and I have read that those who have never suffered before are getting hayfever this year. Apparently, it is called the “pollen vortex”, which means, I suppose, that it is something like the polar vortex but made from pollen…

At the moment I can only function by taking the maximum doses of antihistamines and nasal spray and by using Hay Max (which you rub on the base of your nose to form a pollen barrier). I don’t know if the Hay Max works or not because I am not willing to take the risk and try going without it.

Luckily by using this trio I am not sneezing but I am still alternating between being stuffed up in my head and having a nose that runs and runs. I am tired but I don’t sleep well. My body aches but I know that I should be training. My head is fuzzy but I cannot seem to clear it.

Well, at least today’s snowfall (yes, on 1 May) should halt the pollen somewhat.

Anyone have any tips for other natural products that I could add to my allergy arsenal?

° ° °

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