Pollen vortex

Last week just sped by, probably because it had only had four working days. But what working days they were. By the end of the week, I was knackered. I reached that stage where I was too exhausted even to feel properly exhausted. I just felt, well… nothing really.

And now it is Thursday and this week looks like it is going the same way.

Part of it has to do with this:

An English Mamma in Stockholm: hayfever allergy pollen medication tablets nasal spray hay max

This is my daily survival pack these days. My allergy is particularly bad and I have read that those who have never suffered before are getting hayfever this year. Apparently, it is called the “pollen vortex”, which means, I suppose, that it is something like the polar vortex but made from pollen…

At the moment I can only function by taking the maximum doses of antihistamines and nasal spray and by using Hay Max (which you rub on the base of your nose to form a pollen barrier). I don’t know if the Hay Max works or not because I am not willing to take the risk and try going without it.

Luckily by using this trio I am not sneezing but I am still alternating between being stuffed up in my head and having a nose that runs and runs. I am tired but I don’t sleep well. My body aches but I know that I should be training. My head is fuzzy but I cannot seem to clear it.

Well, at least today’s snowfall (yes, on 1 May) should halt the pollen somewhat.

Anyone have any tips for other natural products that I could add to my allergy arsenal?

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  1. Ughhh I know how u feel!! Last year in Lund , the exact same thing attacked my poor hubby. We’re back in Denmark this year, and so far nothing THANK GOD!!.

    I’m very much victim to all sorts of allergies myself and I immediately switch into a fish diet, cz that has stuff which fights the allergy. You’ll still suffer but these changes help you mentally I blv. Try eating a lot of sushi especially stock up on the wasabi!! Things like onions, horse radish, garlic. Load up on them big time. I believe in onions especially, although I try to avoid em for the sake of ahem body odor lol BUT who cares when you’ve got it bad.

    If you’re into the netti pot, that works too with clearing your sinuses. Make sure it’s lukewarm water w salt.

    And before you know it, you’ll be fine again. Big big hugs <3


  2. Great tips, Sally – thank you so much. Interesting that about fish. I really need to be eating more fish anyway (if I choose fish, I always opt for salmon – I need to extend my repertoire). And any excuse to eat sushi ;)
    I hope Denmark stays clear of the pollen!


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