This and that – dispatches from the web

If only I lived a little closer to home and I could give this new weightlifting idea a go (or not…)

“I’m nearly 37 and I’m only just working out that I can (within reason) mostly do what I like and that (within reason) what other people think about it really doesn’t matter.”  That.

And this is something I need to remember a little more often

I’ve just signed up for one of Elsie and Emma’s e-courses and I am cannot wait to get started.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: ditåt that way arrow sign post black white photo

I think I may try this Guinness and Raspberries cake out for Christmas (in a gluten-free version so my mother-in-law can also eat it). I love proper English fruit cake for Christmas but no one else does, but I think this one might go down quite well

Fantastic Volvo Trucks advert – and it’s still a Swedish company, unlike the cars… :(

This snowflake-making website is perfect for our tech-savvy little boys (and their mess-averse Mamma and Pappa)

Loving this article about pull-ups (especially after I was 1cm away from a proper pull-up yesterday – so near, yet so far…)

Where do you come from?  Such an interesting question. (I have recently discovered Elaine’s blog after discovering that we have the same personal trainer. Oh, I laughed so much reading about some their conversations – because I have had almost exactly the same ones with him.)


    • Kat says

      Yeah, newborns are pretty easy, right? 😉 I am looking forward to starting it too. I love doing courses and learning something new.

  1. says

    You are so cool and i just love reading your blog posts. The only one i religiously read. Also, great job at the working out 😉 i hear ya Mama