The Gallery: Morning

So, this is how I look in the mornings, getting ready for work while attempting to be as quiet as a mouse.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: early morning mamma photo gallery

Quite coincidentally, I managed to snap this photo of myself yesterday morning while hiding out in the bathroom and getting ready for work. I was tiptoeing around in the hope that Baby E would not wake again, after having reverted to his usual 4am wake-up screaming session. We had five blissful nights without him waking. Oh, they were so wonderful while they lasted.

But, anyway, the photo ended up being perfectly timed for this week’s Gallery, the theme of which is “Morning”.

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Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

12 responses to “The Gallery: Morning

    • I think that I must have become used to it that I was able to ;) In fact, sometimes I look better at 6am than I do by 4pm!

    • Ha! Yes, the radiator is pretty good as a shelf, as long as I do not leave the phone there for too long…

  1. I’m always creeping about, my 16 month old is going for the world record in sleeplessness so when he’s asleep I seem to be holding my breath!
    Popping over from The Gallery

    • Hello Emma, just found your comment and rescued it from the spam folder (no idea how it ended up there…). I hope your little one is sleeping a bit better now. Baby E has started waking at 5.30am now so that’s a little bit of an improvement!

    • Thank you :) We seem to be back on the 5.20am wake-ups, so that is okay for me (as I’m in the bathroom getting ready by then) but not so well for Husband…

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