What a difference a fortnight makes

Do you remember that I said how we were interested to see how Baby E would react to his baby-swim classes? Well, he reacted in a way that we really had not expected.

He screamed and cried when he was first in the pool during the first class, which was just what we had expected. And then at the second class he cried a little less. And then, four days after that, he started to strip off his clothes when he heard the water running into the bathtub.

Can you believe it?

An English Mamma in Stockholm: toddler bath time

And can you also believe that during that bath, he allowed Little O to pour water over his head, and he laughed, and laughed and laughed. Yes, the little toddler who previously had to be tricked into the shower cubicle now loves to bathe. I think that swimming teacher must be some kind of miracle worker.

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    • Mixed gender changing rooms? Oh no… Luckily, both places where the boys have swimming classes have separate changing rooms – although swimming is Husband’s duty more than mine these days, as I did all the ones when Baby E was very small. I am not a strong swimmer, whereas Husband grew up around water, so I am really keen that the boys take after him rather than me. I really like the swimming classes here.

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