This and that

Posts have been a little few and far between for the past week or so, but that’s because we’ve been away. And Drusilla’s in Sussex was among the highlights of our trip.

Image from The SOLD Project

We’re currently looking for paintings and photographs to decorate our walls with. Isn’t this photo beautiful? And The SOLD Project is helping to prevent child prostitution in Thailand by educating children who are risk. Check out Jade Keller’s blog too – she works as a volunteer for SOLD and her posts cover her work there and her life in Thailand.

A lavender and honey salmon recipe – this one looks delicious. I think I might try this one next week.

This poster made this spelling and grammar nerd laugh.

I love the theme of this new illustrated book: untranslatable words from different languages. The Swedish one is such a great word – and I would also add another one: kissnödig – the feeling that you need to do a wee. It’s also a word that we’re trying to teach Little O as part of the endless ongoing potty training.

These gloves, please! My hands are getting wrecked by my training…

Happy weekend, all!