Portraits 10/52

“A portrait of my children, once a week”

An English Mamma in Stockholm: toddler washing car

Little O: so excited to be helping Pappa to wash Farmor’s car

° ° °

An English Mamma in Stockholm: toddler baby washing car sponge

Baby E: not as helpful on the car washing front…

° ° °

Weekly portraits of the boys, linking up with Che & Fidel.


  1. janerowena says

    A bit late, I have been in France for a month (where I saw some very excited but bemused swedes arriving totally unprepared for the 34C that awaited them, the teenage daughter was wearing a woolly hat and the mother was wearing a huge scarf and they were all wearing thick clothing and sweaters!).

    Total nudity from the waist down when at home with potty prominently displayed. No crossness, just praise when the little wotsit condescends to sit on it. Usually I would say stay at home for two weeks solid and don’t go out at all. Boys are usually later than girls, three is not unusual and some boys take even longer. However fed up you may get with having to clean up after him, he will be even more fed up eventually with all the time it takes away from play. My son was wet at night for years, he had an underdeveloped nerve ending in his penis due to being born prematurely, but was fine from two and a half during the day. It’s a traumatic time, good luck.

    • Kat says

      Great tips, thanks!

      I don’t mind cleaning up after him so much as just trying to get him interested in the potty at all.

      The new tactic I’ve taken now is that we have talked about what he wants as a gift at the end of his potty chart and he’s chosen a small tractor. So now he is working towards something definite, rather than just “a present” and that is helping a little.

      Onwards and upwards! (And there are still a couple of months before snowsuit season starts!)

    • Kat says

      Oh, and that made me laugh about the Swedes you saw on holiday! We often see the reverse here, with South Europeans on holiday in jeans and jumpers, while we’re in shorts and t-shirts because it’s pushing 24 degrees 😉