Right here, right now

I was looking through some of my old posts and I found this one called At this moment, which was a great idea from lipstickpunch at The Juice Boxx, a cool parenting website. The idea was to take five minutes out of the day just to sit and write down what you’re doing at present.  I decided to do this again but then found that The Juice Boxx no longer exists. But I hope that lipstickpunch and the guys behind the website don’t mind if I borrow the idea.

I’m listening to a live seminar on Creative Live.

I’m buying too much at the moment but it feels like the boys have suddenly grown out of the essentials.

I’m holding on to memories of the moments this afternoon when the boys haven’t been trying to attack each other. They seem to be going through some “interesting” new phase at the moment, with much pushing, shoving, hitting and even biting. Oh my…

I’m excited about this weekend – we’re hosting dinner for the first time in many, many months.

I’m spending (too much) time worrying, as usual.

I’m eating a snack dinner, but then I had a heavy lunch of Pad Thai Gai at Koh Phangan today – yum.

I’m drinking a sneaky glass of wine but the boys drove me to it… (see above).

I’m reading a few different books on the Kindle app at the moment as I received an Amazon voucher for my birthday. Some of the books on the go at the moment are The House at Riverton by Kate Morton, 101 Days to Make a Change, Potty Training Boys by Dr Caroline Fertleman & Simone Cave, The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and Zen to Done by Leo Babauta.

I’m shopping new wellies for Little O after realising during yesterday’s downpour that his current (and beloved) boots are looking a little tight these days.

I’m watching a live Creative Live seminar (see above).

I’m giving up … not much at the moment!

I can’t live without my boys – I just wish they liked each other a little more at the moment!

I’m travelling to work and preschool and back and not really anywhere else at the moment. One of the consequences of just having had your summer holiday, I guess.


    • Kat says

      Skagen to start (how very Swedish!), then beef and salad and then my “fake tiramisu”. And I hope lots of lovely red wine (especially for me as I’ll be required to speak Swedish…).