The Small Mice of Homesville – a review

Over the past few evenings, Little O and I have been reading a book on the Kindle app called The Small Mice of Homesville by Linda May Kallestein and Elias Kallestein, who have set up Kallestein Publishing together.

Small Mice of Homesville
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This book – the third that they have published – is beautifully illustrated by Elias Kallestein with charming drawings of the mice and I loved the red thread illustration that runs along the bottom of every page, finishing in a ball of wool at the end of the book. Little O and I had fun tracing the pattern of it across the pages.

We split reading of the book over three evenings before bedtime because of Little O’s age; however, I think that if he was a year or so older, we could have read the story in one sitting (or maybe it is just his inability to sit still!). It is broken up into a number of short chapters, which does make it easier to stop reading at different points if you do need to read it bit by bit, as we did.

The story gives you many things to talk about, primarily taking care of younger siblings, so in that way, it suits us perfectly. I am looking forward to us reading it through again and seeing what Little O remembers from the first time. At almost three (this weekend, can you believe it?), I think Little O is at the young end of the scale to enjoy this book, and I think it is something that children would like for some years on because it could also be a book that children read themselves.

The book costs $6.24 on, which works out at around Skr 41, less than €5 or some £4. (I am not sure of the retail price on as it does not allowed me to see the UK price of Kindle books.) Their first two books – Baby Animals and Animal Kingdom Alphabet – are also on Amazon and cost the same price.

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book by the author for review purposes. However, the review above is written solely by me, in my own words.

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