Brothers in arms

An English Mamma in Stockholm: brothers siblings playing in a boxThe boys have reached amazing ages: Little O is chatting, chatting, chatting all the time and asking questions about everything; and Baby E is now walking and has started at preschool and loves being around the other children.

And they are getting to be good playmates. Of course, there are still fights and arguments and pushing and pulling of hair, but that won’t really go away, I think. What there is also now is hugging and kissing and holding hands and actually the start of them playing together. It is wonderful to watch.

I’ve written before about my concerns about how the boys would get on together, but now we’re at a stage when I can really only see the advantages of having two children. I think that I worried more because I am an only child; I have no real experience of what it is like to have a brother or sister (much as I used to tell people that the dog was my brother, I don’t think he really performed as a little brother should…). Husband is an older brother and he and his younger brother are close, which did give me confidence, but their stories of fights throughout their childhood did give me some cause for concern, I have to say.

I know that this phase with Little O and Baby E won’t last forever, so I am determined to enjoy it while I can.


  1. says

    Love the photo. You can’t beat a cardboard box as a toy! My little boy’s an only child and destined to stay that way, so I do envy you the joy of seeing your two growing up and being affectionate together. The fighting and hair pulling less so ūüėČ

    • Kat says

      That box is a lifesaver sometimes – it is a car, a boat, a truck and a toy box on the occasions when Little O feels the need to burn off some energy and deposit every single toy into it one by one and then take them out again!
      Ha! I can imagine that you don’t envy the fighting and hair pulling, nor the pushing off the sofa that occurred that very evening :(