Swinging and sweating

This is the new me. Can you see a difference? Really? You can’t? Well, just wait and you will.

A major part of the ButtonedUp bootcamp that I undertook in February is identifying your goals for the year and drawing up concrete plans to reach them. And one of my main goals – other than getting super-organised, which was the main reason I did the bootcamp – was to sort out my fitness.

Chasing two small boys around a building site for six months of 2012 did wonders for losing the baby weight but I am still not in as good condition as I’d like to be. Running for the bus proves that and leaves me sweaty, red faced and seriously out of breath.

So I am upping my training and have bought my first kettlebell for training at home. My trainer has started giving me some fun home training exercises – goblet squats, kettlebell swings and something that I cannot find the name of but which involves shoulder strengthening.

So it all starts here. This is the year that I sort out my fitness level and strengthen up.