Sephora excitement

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In the last few weeks of my maternity leave I had a reminder on my phone, telling me to take the Roslagsbanan train to Täby. Why, you ask, what was there? Sephora is the answer.

Of course, as is the way with reminders (or is the way with me and reminders anyway), I never got around to going.

And then, just before I returned to work, I was wandering down Biblioteksgatan in the city and I saw that Sephora is opening a new branch in Stockholm, just metres away from my office. It opens at the end of March. I think my bank manager might be having words with me quite soon after…


  1. Fred says

    I am happy for you! Picard on Sveavagen and Karlavagen and now, Sephora! The 2 brands I missed most… Where is it on Biblioteksgatan? XXX

    • Kat says

      It’s going to be near Norrmalmstorget – where Sand using to be. Very dangerous for my purse… Picard is great! I’m loving that :)