Toddler preppy chic

Toddler preppy chic

$16 –

Huvtröja – från H&M
$15 –

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  1. I’ve been dressing my 17 year old like this all his life! He’s fought back occasionally. How are you coping with being back at work?

    • I love this look and love to dress Little O like this. Somehow it doesn’t look as good on Baby E and some of Little O’s old clothes don’t suit him. Isn’t that odd that it can be that way with a one year old?! I hope that I influence Little O enough that he’s still dressing like this aged 17 :)
      The first week back went pretty well but it is strange not be around the boys so much. Luckily, as I start so early, I finish at 2pm and that gives me almost five hours with them before bedtime, which is great.

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