Week 7 – Project 365

I discovered this week that Baby E likes facing outwards in the buggy because this means that he can sneakily take his gloves off without me seeing, that both boys love pancakes with lemon and sugar, that I might have to wait a while to receive my new mailbox, that Baby E is growing up too fast, that a Friday night with wine and ice cream can be perfect, that Baby E has a musical soul and that he also enjoys playing with his brother’s Duplo, when he gets the chance.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: week 7 project 365 pancakes mailbox

An English Mamma in Stockholm: week 7 project 365 red wine ice cream keyboard

How has your week been?

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    • Kat says

      Always the way! Nothing is ever as interesting as when someone else picks it up. At least we can use that to our advantage as parents – I often pretend to be really interested in something that I want them to look at, and then they are straight over to take it from me!

    • Kat says

      I know, I know! He has suddenly stopped looking like a baby – the previous week, he was all baby and suddenly there is another little toddler there (well, apart from the walking part!). And of course, the third day I was back at work, he decided to take three steps on his own…