R2BC: The last week of “freedom”!

It’s been a few weeks since I last participated in Reasons to be Cheerful (oops, three weeks, I think), so it was about time I joined in again.

  • This week it has been clear just how much of a leapt forward Little O’s speech has taken. After getting concerned about his speech in May last year (just after he turned two), I calmed down a little and now he’s taken another giant leapt. He talks non-stop now, describing what he is doing, what other people are doing (potential for some embarrassment there) and everything that he sees and hears. And he is talking more in short sentences now. It is incredible to be able to hold a “conversation” with him.
  • As well as this leapt forward in what Little O is saying, he is also really getting to grips with bilingualism and swaps between English and Swedish depending on whether is speaking to me or to Husband. I am just blown away by this but for Husband, whose mother tongue is Hungarian and who learned Swedish aged about four and then English at school, it is not as exciting.
  • I’ve been gearing up for the return to work next Monday and am feeling ready to go back, so I feel a bit in limbo. I feel as if I should be making the most of this final week; on the other hand, it is nice to spend the time at home just hanging out with Baby E, which we did not get to do so much of when we were renovating the apartment.
An English Mamma in Stockholm: standing baby reasons to be cheerful

Baby E looking so grown up

So these are the things making me cheerful this week. What has made you happy this week?

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