Week 5 – Project 365

I think the photos speak for themselves this week: this has been a week of illness, with all four of us struck down with the ‘flu. Urgh.

An English Mamma in Stockholm:  week 5 project 365 photos

An English Mamma in Stockholm:  week 5 project 365 photos roses

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    • Vabruari! We ended up going to the doc today with Little O as we were concerned with how long his fevers have lingered. But no ear or chest infection, luckily! I hope you’re all feeling better.

    • Baby E and I are fully recovered, Husband is on the mend but Little O woke with a fever again today. The doctor reckons it should go very soon though. Fingers crossed!
      We tried to make the most of the time at home by snuggling up on the sofa.
      Yes, the roses were for me from Little O (and Husband) when they did a supermarket run.

    • It seems to be the peak for colds and flu. Bleurgh. It really was a nasty one. Not had anything like that for at least a decade. So glad to be out the other side now :)
      The Dermologica face spray smells lovely. They say it helps your skin if you’re in an office all day long, but the smell was enough to sway me!

    • Thanks! A couple of days and I think we’ll all be clear. This is the first time that all of us have come down with something at the same time.

    • Yes, they are so much better now, thanks. It was a rough week for them.

    • It was certainly a long week, but I’m glad to say that we’re all recovered now.

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