Week 4 – Project 365

Week 4 already? That means that I return to work three weeks tomorrow. I cannot believe that my maternity leave is already nearly over. I had better make the most of these last three weeks then.

This past week we have celebrated Baby E’s first birthday, witnessed the moon and Jupiter at their closest for many years (and I cannot believe that it was so easy to see them) and Little O has found himself a cosy little spot up on the windowsill where he can watch people get on and off the bus at the bus stop opposite.


Little O has been trying out my lipstick and trying on his Pappa’s watch, while Baby E’s hair has gone haywire – a combination of wearing a hat for much of the day and static build-up from the low pressure at the moment. Also, we’ve been trying to hide the fact that we have a Samsung tablet from the boys!

An English Mamma in Stockholm: week 4 project 365 lipstick toddler watch bed head samsung galaxy

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