Week 3 – Project 365

Little O has developed a new habit in recent weeks, but this week it really started to annoy me. He chews on his jumper cuffs, the edge of his snow suit, his scarf, everything he find, but mainly his jumper cuffs. This lovely green jumper was a Christmas present to him from us, but it now has one cuff that is three times as wide as the other [sigh]…

The snow returned on Tuesday, so he had great fun throwing it, rolling in it and eating it.

On Wednesday, Baby E and I enjoyed our time together and even managed to get in a rare photograph of us together.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: week 3 chewing snow bouncer

Baby E decided to crawl into a plastic tub on Thursday – photo opportunity! On Friday I picked up a new necklace – a little brighter than I normally would wear but fun. We went to a 1st birthday on Saturday and took the tunnelbana there – the views over the city were stunning. And today I was able to get a photo of Baby E doing what he does so much of these days: reaching for my iPhone!

An English Mamma in Stockholm: week 3 necklace baby tub snow

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    • Kat says

      We don’t often get a picture together – too busy running around after Little O – so I was really pleased to grab this one.

  1. says

    Lovely photos. Don’;t worry about the sleeve chewing. My little boy went through a phase of it. I think he was teething his back molars. He has stopped doing it now but it was worrying at the time.

    • Kat says

      Aah, that could very well be it. I cannot get anywhere near his mouth to find out, but that really sounds likely. He has also started to try and use his dummy again during the day (rather than just for sleeping at night), so teething at the back is very possible. Thanks – makes me feel much better about it!

    • Kat says

      Thanks! He loves playing peekaboo, so the bucket also went on his head, with him trying to hide under it.

    • Kat says

      I’m just hoping it is a phase – otherwise we’ll be buying a whole new wardrobe for him soon :(