R2BC: The snow workout

This week seems to have flown by and it’s already Thursday, and that means: reasons to be cheerful.

  • Little O has been settling back in at preschool much better and has had a good week. We had a large snowfall on Tuesday and so our journeys to and from preschool involve stopping every 100m to eat the fresh snow.
  • All this snow on the pavements means that I get an extra workout each day, pushing the boys in the buggy and on the board!
  • And the snow means that the days are not as dark as they should be, which gives me hope that spring will be on its way soon (fingers crossed!).
  • Baby E has cut a new tooth and it didn’t seem to have been to painful a process as we only realised once it was poking through his gum. That’s tooth no.3 now – he’s a bit of a late one on the teething front.
  • We are starting to find the time to get the apartment even more organised – a big task after living on a building site for four months.

After a couple of weeks of readjustment, we are getting back into our routines and life is settling down and becoming a little easier. And that feels like a huge relief. Who knew that Christmas would prove so disruptive!


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  1. says

    Wonderful reasons to be cheerful! Yay for tooth number 3 and for getting your home organised. It always makes me feel good after I’ve organised everything lol.
    Have a fab weekend. x

    • Kat says

      There is something very satisfying about organising some paperwork or a pile of things that have been sitting around for a while, isn’t there?
      And now it looks as if tooth no.4 might appear soon too!

  2. michelletwinmum says

    Ohh a building site for 4 months, I cannot even begin to imagine that, hope it is becomng more organised. Mich x

    • Kat says

      Luckily, renovating seems to be like giving birth: you have something so great at the end that makes you forget what it was like to go through it!