R2BC: Finding the silver lining

This has been a bit of a challenging week. Little O started back at preschool on Monday after three weeks of holiday and countless more days off sick before that in December and it has been a slow start getting him settled back in. And Baby E is just starting on a Wonder Week, so is not in the best of moods. However, I’ve been trying to look for the silver lining everywhere I can.

  • Little O’s first week back at preschool has been a bit of a challenge; however, he moved up a class just before Christmas (which was handled wonderfully by the staff), so that can be part of it. They are not concerned about how he’s settling in and say it’s getting better each day.
  • The problem is that he’s challenging once I’ve collected him from preschool. He had his biggest tantrum to date on Wednesday – 25 minutes, of which 10 minutes was spent outside with him crying and screaming and then lying on the snowy pavement, followed by 15 minutes just inside the front door, so in the communal hallway for all the neighbours to hear. The silver lining here is that Husband arrived home early by surprise, took us all out for a walk and we ended up having dinner at a tapas restaurant, and it all went brilliantly, which restored my faith in us being able to handle these tantrums as they occur.
  • For each tantrum that occurs, we learn better how to deal with them and keep Little O feeling secure.
  • I had a lovely night last night with two friends, just catching up and having a laugh.
  • Although Baby E seems to have just started the Programs Wonder Week, we know that once it is over, he will be able to show us all his new tricks!

So, not the best of weeks, but I really am trying to look on the positive side of things.

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    • Kat says

      That’s true! The couple smoking outside the bar next door obviously were not parents though, as they crossed the street to continue their conversation on the opposite pavement! But at least that meant we didn’t have to stand in their cigarette cloud while waiting for Little O :) That can make all the difference when another parent gives you that “I feel for you, I know what it’s like” look!

  1. m says

    Tantrums are very stressful for both parent and child its great that you are kinding a way to deal with it… and good on dad for the tapas it :0) Here’s hoping you have a better week this week.

    • Kat says

      I read an interesting article that said that the best way to deal with a toddler tantrum is to try and help your child work through it, rather than try and solve it because there will be no way to solve it that won’t make your child angrier! The tapas meal did make me feel so much better – both Little O and I were exhausted after the tantrum.

  2. says

    it’s horrid when they have a tantrum and there isn’t anything we can do to help. Hopefully as he settles back in better, it will get easier. The tapas restaurant sounds great – so glad that went well. xxx

    • Kat says

      It is getting better and he is settling in well now. He’s a pretty easygoing little boy, so I knew he would be okay in the end, but it was big change to move up a class and leave his friends behind.