Gluten-free granola

About year or so ago, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and so she’s been experimenting with different gluten-free products to try and keep her diet in check. Unfortunately, many of the gluten-free products just don’t taste as good as the versions that include gluten. As part of her Christmas present, I decided to make her some gluten free granola. For some reason, granola seems to be expensive here in Sweden and so I could not even begin to imagine how much a gluten-free version would cost.

I found a recipe for standard granola in a book I bought last year, Gott Att Ge Bort by Linnea Seidel. Linnea writes a baking and cooking blog called Linneas Skafferi, which is full of great ideas and recipes.

I used her granola recipe as a base and then just swapped the oats for gluten-free oats. It was so easy to make, basically just stir the oats and other bits (I put in linseed, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds) together with some honey, melted butter and water, and then into the oven. I then put the finished granola into a jar and alternated it with layers of dried cranberries, dried apple slice and raisins.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: gluten free granola

And it was delicious!

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