R2BC – New Year, new start

A shiny new year means a good point from which to start afresh with actually trying to participate in R2BC each week.

My reasons to be cheerful this week:

  • It’s 2013! A new year and a new chance to start again. I suppose it does not need to be a new year to do that, but the end of one year and the start of the next seems to draw a neat line between the two.
  • Little O is growing more and more into a little boy each day. Tantrums and meltdowns are increasing too, but hopefully with each one that happens we are getting better at dealing with them.
  • I have five and a half weeks to make the most of before I head back to work in mid-February.
  • Baby E slept through the night last night! His night sleep has been erratic these past four or five weeks (starting with waking at 5am, then 4am, then 3am and now settling at waking at 1am each morning and then settling back down after about an hour and sleeping through to around 6.30am). After Little O, who has been (and still is) a fantastic sleeper, this has come of something of a shock. But last night he slept through for the third time in the past month – yay! Long may it continue.

So, there you go: a few reasons for me to be cheerful this week.

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