Going a little nutty

It is going to seem as if I have a bit of thing for subscription boxes at the moment, but really it did happen by accident. I saw a Groupon offer for a snack subscription box with nuts and dried fruit – something like three boxes for 49kr – and thought it sounded like a good deal. And then I forgot all about it for a month or so. I was going back through my inbox a couple of weeks ago and spotted the Groupon voucher, so I decided to do something about it.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: Nutzer Mealbetween snack subscription box

It turned out that I have bought three boxes from a nut and fruit subscription service called Mealbetween/Nutzer. To use the voucher, you actually have to sign up and then you can cancel without cost after receiving the three from the Groupon offer. My first box arrived just after Christmas.

With all the hubbub of Christmas and family here, I did not open it up until just before New Year. In the box were four bags with different snack combinations:

  • Date a Plum: walnuts, chopped dates and plums and pumpkin seeds

  • Nuts Forever: walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds

  • Cranberry Obsession: pecans, dried cranberries and almonds

  • Baby Figs Blend: chopped figs, dried cranberries, dried apple

I was feeling a bit peckish, so I ate the Cranberry Obsession snack sachet. It was delicious. I think Baby Fig Blend would go well on some yoghurt at breakfast and I was looking forward to the other two as little snacks. Little O had other ideas, however, and has just insisted that we open a packet. So, we’ve just had Nuts Forever. I always thought that I preferred nuts when combined with dried fruit, to sweeten them up a little, but the combination of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds was very tasty.

As I am heading back to work in mid-February (only seven weeks away – eek!), I think these little packages could be really good for me. I tend to find that I snack when I am sitting and being sedentary for long periods and that is just how my job is. I often only leave my desk for lunch or to make tea or coffee and to buy a chocolate bar from the machine, which is a habit that I don’t want to get back into. So, we’ll see if I want to carry on my subscription after the next couple of boxes.

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