December’s Glossybox

So, I was eagerly anticipating December’s Glossybox after receiving an email saying that it had been dispatched. It was a bit of a mixed one this month. I really liked a few of things that I received but, on the other hand, it did not feel as exciting as November’s box. Maybe it was just that November was my first box?

An English Mamma in Stockholm: December Glossybox in sweden

This month was the first anniversary of Glossybox in Sweden, so it was a special box. I received Showering Inferno body wash from Anatomicals (full size, rather than sample), Bronzing Face Cream from ACO (also full size), Zoya nail polish (again, full size), So Susan eyeshadow set, which is just lovely and should encourage me to start using eyeshadow again, and La Sultane de Saba ginger & green tea body lotion, which I am sure is just lovely, but try as I might I cannot get into the package.

When I look at the other things that I could have received, I am quite pleased with the products that I got. I don’t know why I am not so excited by this month’s box. Maybe it could be that the ribbon had not been tied on, just thrown into the box, and the tissue paper was torn. I know that sounds like a small thing, but for me, the packaging is a big part of the experience: untying the ribbon, opening up the tissue paper and looking at what is inside.

Perhaps it was also just that it came so near to Christmas, when so many other things were going on.

Anyway, I really am looking forward to the January box to see what is in there.

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  1. Kat says

    I think that might have been where the disappointment came from. It was so much fun the first time to open the parcel and then the box and then undo the ribbon and open up the tissue paper.
    Had a quick look and there is a Glossybox website for Switzerland but there only seems to be one box: Maybe there are going to launch properly soon? (My German is terrible, so I have no clue!)