An additional renovation project

I bought an Annas Pepparkakshus for Little O and I put together one afternoon as building a gingerbread house seems to be a rite of passage here in Sweden. I really wasn’t expecting it to be yet another renovation project for us though…

An English Mamma in Stockholm: building a gingerbread house

An English Mamma in Stockholm: Annas Pepparkakshuset broken

Yes, nearly every piece of the biscuit was broken. However, as you are meant to stick the pieces together into a house shape using melted sugar, I just decided to try and stick all the broken pieces together in the same way.

It does warn you on the packet that you are not provided with any of the icing or decorations shown, but what it does not warn you is that it takes an age to melt the sugar down. If you are doing this with an active, impatient toddler, you are not going to get very far…

Annas Pepparkakshuset

I made a bit of a mistake as well and added a little bit of water (as I didn’t want to ruin the saucepan) and after what seemed like forever, still nothing much was happening with it, and it certainly wasn’t sticky enough to do any sticking.

After more than half an hour, with complaints from a bored toddler, I abandoned all idea of sticking it together and we decorated the ginger biscuit sheets with icing. That too was not the best activity with a toddler as Little O did not have the patience to wait the ten minutes for the icing to set.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: eating Annas Pepparkakshuset

And so we ate them instead.

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