Photo 366 challenge – weeks 13 and 14

It has just been so busy here that I simply have not had the time to grab more than half a cold cup of tea most days, let alone sit down and write any blog posts. I feel I have really been neglecting my little blog but I hope to get back on track shortly.

I’m afraid that the photos may have very little info with them in this post, simply because two weeks ago seems like a very long time and I can barely remember what we did yesterday. (Seriously, Husband and I had a conversation yesterday about what we had done on Saturday afternoon and it was three hours before one of us remembered.)

Day 86:

Spring shoots

Spring finally comes to our balcony as my tulip bulbs sprout.

Day 87:

Our little daredevil at the playground

Little O is getting more and more adventurous (or should that be devil may care?) at the playground. Luckily, this was done with Husband’s guiding hand behind him but he now wants to do all these same things when it is me and him at the playground too, and I’m too much of a scaredy cat (on behalf of both of us) to allow it, I’m afraid.

Day 88:

Little O's new Sigg bottle

We bought a Sigg bottle for Little O to use at preschool. He just loves it and wants to carry it around with him all the time.

Day 89:

Little O at Playland STHLM

We visited Playland STHLM for the first time and Little O was in his element, running in and out of the soft play area, scooting around on this model Volvo and throwing himself head first into the ball pool. We’ll definitely be going back.

Day 90:

And now hail - following the brilliant sunshine, torrential rain and snow

Okay, this was just the craziest day weather -wise. We had it all: sunshine, blue skies, black clouds, downpours, snow and then hail. I forget each year that late March and April can be crazy on the weather front. Every time, I am lulled into a false sense of security by the lovely spring weather during March, and then, boom! The cold weather returns. Brrrr!

Day 91:

Little O's first child's portion

Maybe not the biggest rite of passage for a toddler (I guess pretty much most things are actually a rite of passage for them really, if I think about it…), but we ordered a child’s portion for the first time for Little O: Swedish meatballs at Ikea!

Day 92:

And relax...

A well-deserved moment to relax after another hectic day of packing up boxes and cleaning up the apartment, ready for the photographer to arrive on Tuesday and take pictures for the real estate agent’s website. I felt at this point that I never wanted to move home again. You can imagine how I actually felt the hour before the photographer turned up, when we were still doing last-minute work on the place. (Disclaimer: my legs are just blotchy and mottled in this light, rather than in need of a shave! Actually, that doesn’t sound that great either. Well, it is winter and they’ve not seen the sun for many months…)

Day 93:

Clean surfaces

It felt so good going to bed on Monday night knowing that we had cleaned off at least one surface in the apartment. Unfortunately, we still had a lot more working waiting on us the next day (that was about the only surface that was free from clutter at that point…).

Day 94:

Another rite of passage: schnitzel!

Little O and I headed off for a schnitzel dinner on Tuesday evening while the photographer worked his magic in the apartment. I’m pleased to report that Little O is another schnitzel fan. I am not sure how pleased I really am… He managed to polish off quite a lot of mine! The boy has an appetite.

Day 95:

"Ni! Ni! Ni!"

Aaah, the cold weather returned (again!) after the lovely couple of days that we had at the beginning of the week, hence me dressing Baby E up as one of the Knights Who Say Ni…

Day 96:

McMuffin breakfast - the ideal cold remedy?

I decided to try and conquer the cold and sore throat that I’d developed by exposing it to a Sausage & Egg McMuffin breakfast. I’m not sure if it helped the cold but it made me feeling (temporarily) better. And luckily Baby E slept throughout, so he won’t have been influenced by my bad eating habit.

Day 97:

Washy tape wishes come true

The washy tape that I had ordered from easy arrived, making me very happy.

Day 98:

293 hits in 2 days

After being on the market for two days, our apartment’s page had had 293 hits on the home search website. Husband, being the analyst that he is, spent most of the subsequent days checking out the numbers and trying to analyse what they meant, had enough people been looking, did it mean we’ll get a good turnout for the open day, etc etc. I’m not sure what it really means. I am just crossing my fingers and toes.

Day 99:

The taste of Easter

I love Swedish Easter food. I know many people complain that it is too similar to Swedish Christmas food, but we do a mixture of Swedish and Hungarian food for Christmas when we’re in Sweden, so Easter is different for us. And this is my favourite: Mustard herring and eggs on (Danish!) rye bread. Delicious.

• • • • •

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