Photo 366 challenge – week 12

We’ve just arrived back from a very last-minute trip down to southern Sweden, which has been totally draining. So I am afraid that this week’s photos are accompanied by very brief captions only.

Day 79:

Little O demonstrates the new way to wear a bib

Day 80:

Reading nook

Day 81:

Wedding day memories found in a magazine

Day 82:

Look, no boots!

Day 83:

Just before attempting "the transfer"

Day 84: No photo this day, I’m afraid.

Day 85:

Now boarding at gate 2

So that has been this week… Head on over to The Boy & Me to check out what others have been up to this week

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    • Kat says

      I bought them in Next last September and have just been waiting for the opportunity to wear them again.

  1. Jenny paulin says

    I really like your shoes! I also wish I had a reading nook like that – well a blogging nook in my case! X

    • Kat says

      It does look cosy, doesn’t it? I doubt I could comfortably fit in there though! I think Little O is just enjoying the fact that our coming move means we’re already starting to pack up so many things and so this space was freed up last week. Maybe I should create a reading/blogging nook in our new place when we move in.

    • Kat says

      Thanks! I have worn them every day since. If the weather is still good tomorrow, I might get out the similar pink pair. The forecast is for 14 degrees – bring it!

  2. says

    I’m not entirely sure that the bib will work that way around but it’s always worth a try! Adore your shoes, gorgeous.

    Thanks for linking up

    • Kat says

      Thanks! I know – he has not quite got the hang of it yet. The one without sleeves is no problem but I think he gets confused between shirts and the bibs with sleeves!