Photo 366 challenge – week 11

Well, this has certainly been a big week for us. After waiting impatiently all last Sunday, biting my metaphorical nails to the quick, 10.30am on Monday rolled around and Husband and I headed off to the real estate agents to sign the papers – and the deal was done and we bought a new apartment! It’s actually only a couple of blocks from where we lived before, an area of the city that we really love, and so we’re very excited about the move. The place needs some work on it, so we’ll get the electrics, painting and plastering done after we get the keys in July, which means we should be able to move in mid-August. Now, we just have the small task of selling our current apartment…

Day 72:

Exciting times

Day 73:

I’m outta here!

On Tuesday, we checked our what will be our local little park when we move. Little O was less interested in the playground after we discovered that it is a dog walking park. He could not believe his luck, especially when he was taught how to throw a ball for the dogs to fetch. I think we’re going to be spending many happy hours there!

Day 74:

The view from above

Can you spot the difference between this photo and those last week? Yep, no more snowsuit! The weather has improved dramatically and so now we’re only in a vest, long-sleeved top, hoodie and padded jacket… Yes, that is an improvement!

Day 75:

Organised chaos?

I think I have a lot of work to do to get just my desk cleared so the real estate agent can take the photos of our apartment. It really is a daunting prospect.

Day 76:

Boys meets (poisonous) frog

Little O’s preschool was closed on Friday for a planning day, so we spent the morning at Fjärilshuset, the butterfly house in Haga Park. He was not so interested in the butterflies themselves but once he had managed to spot the brightly coloured little poisonous Amazonian frogs, he was fascinated. Luckily, there were a good few thick sheets of glass between them and us.

Day 77:

Day 1 and still a long way to go

Yesterday marked day one of Operation Get-The-Apartment-Tidy. It’s going to be a very big task!

Day 78:

Armed with a stor vanilj latte med laktos-fri mjölk

Today we visited Moderna Museet, the city’s modern art museum, for the first time. I would love to show you a picture of the wonderful view of the waterfront from the museum’s restaurant but unfortunately I had my hands full trying to feed Baby E, entertain Little O and keep him from pulling the shawl from my shoulder and reveal “Mimi” (his name for Baby E) to the world… Instead, here’s a photo from our trip out earlier in the day with our trusty (and beautiful) iCandy Peach Blossom stroller and my beloved “stor vanilj latte med laktos-fri mjölk” (large vanilla latte with lactose-free milk).

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  1. says

    Fab photos this week missus, love the shots in the park and of your beautiful iCandy. We have a Cherry in Fudge in the attic awaiting the next baby, better get pregnant so that I can use it again! Congratulations on the new flat purchase and hope that you get the clean-up under way soon.

    Thanks for linking up

    • Kat says

      Thank you! Love, love, love the iCandy. We looked at so many different double systems and that one stood out. Oooh, hope you need to get it down from the attic soon!
      Am spending this evening packing boxes of books (exhausting!), so am taking a quick break to catch up on what is going on in the world beyond the apartment!

    • Kat says

      Linked up now – thanks for the heads up!
      Of course, I spoke too soon about the weather – it snowed yesterday and again this morning, and I was forced to retrieve the snowsuit for Little O as it was bitterly cold this morning – brrrr…