Photo 366 challenge – week 10

Into double figures with the weeks now – and spring seems to be on its way in Stockholm. We’ve had some lovely sunny days this week and the temperature has even reached 9 degrees. Bliss! However, this week has been about real life getting in the way and I’ve not been able to concentrate so much on taking photos. We’re waiting for some big news and I am counting down the hours until mid-morning on Monday…

Day 65:

The latest issue of Gurgle magazine

Gurgle magazine arrived! I got very excited and read half of it within the first hour after opening the plastic. I love this magazine and turn down the corners of so many pages – filled with lovely things and great ideas.

Day 66:

A wall just crying out for a picture

This wall has been, literally, a blank canvas for the past three and a half years. But no more! We’ve bought a picture for it at last. I marked its potential position with some masking tape to give us an idea of how much space we’re filling. Cannot wait for it to arrive now.

Day 67:

Polishusparken, Stockholm

On Wednesday, after collecting Little O from preschool, we headed to the main city police station with Baby E to pick up his brand spanking new passport. Since the beginning of March, if you live in Stockholm, you have been able to book a time to order a passport online on the police website. We booked a time for last Saturday and on Tuesday I received an sms informing me that it was ready for collection. Really great service!

Day 68:

Seems we just missed the wolves' feeding time...

Little O was a bit under the weather on Wednesday evening, so we decided to keep him home from preschool on Thursday. In the morning, we visited our favourite playground and in the afternoon we took the tram to Djurgården to visit Skansen, the open air museum. Skansen has a zoo of animals native to the Nordic countries, including wolves. Apparently, the wolves had been fed earlier in the day and this was a little of their leftovers…

Day 69:

Learning to hold the spade properly

A big day for Little O as he learned how to hold a spade properly. Now he is far more efficient at moving the sand from bucket to bucket!

Day 70:


On Saturday, Little O got a crash course in using the iPhone from Husband. I am not sure how wise a move this really is…

Day 71:

The last snow of the year (hopefully!)

Little O, Baby E and I went for a long walk in the sunshine this afternoon and Little O managed to find the last patch of (filthy-looking) snow to play on. We also had fun picking up the melting ice from the ice skating rink in the city centre and watching it melt in our hands. And then Little O had his photo taken by a group of Chinese tourists, who declared him “cute” – yes, of course he is!

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

So that was the week that was. As I said, a little bit boring this week as there were too many other things going on with real life… Now head over to The Boy and Me and check out what others have been up to this week!

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    • Kat says

      He loves moving the sand around at the playground, so he was pretty pleased to discover there was a way to do it and get more than three grains on the spade each time!

    • Kat says

      He loves it when he’s allowed to use the iPhone – not sure how pleased I am about it, but it means he gets to watch a little bit of Cars and that keeps him very happy!
      Yes, he managed to find the only patch of dirty snow left in the city…!