Photo 366 challenge – week 9

Week 9 already? The time is just flying by. And Baby E turned six weeks old yesterday – incredible. He really feels like he has been a part of our little family for longer than that, but on the other hand, I cannot believe that the time has gone so quickly. In fact, despite us having Little O, I didn’t call us “a family” before; Baby E’s arrival seems to have cemented that.

Day 58:

Photo © English Mamma

Husband makes a rare appearance on my blog! (Maybe even his first ever?) We returned from a long weekend spent down in the south of Sweden with his family and he took the rest of Monday off work to hang out and play with us. This is the play fort in our favourite playground. Husband enjoys it almost as much as Little O…

Day 59:

Photo © English Mamma

After collecting Little O from preschool on Tuesday, he, Baby E and I went for a long walk around the city in the winter sunshine (bliss!). Down by Gamla Stan (the Old Town) at the time time of year, you can see the large sheets of broken up ice float past as they head downstream from Lake Mälaren towards the harbour and then on to the sea. Surely a sign that spring is on its way!

Day 60:

Photo © English Mamma

These boys and their crazy sleeping positions! Baby E stayed sleeping like this for about an hour. How can that be comfortable?

Day 61:

Photo © English Mamma

In celebration of World Book Day – this is the pile of Little O’s books that lives in this sitting room. He has another large pile in his bedroom, mainly of bedtime reading stories and some special keepsake books up on one of the shelves. I’m hoping that he proves to be a book worm like me!

Day 62:

Photo © English Mamma

Friday was a beautifully sunny day, cold but clear blue skies. Husband took the afternoon off and he, Baby E and I went for a walk around Gamla Stan, the old town, and then went for cheeseburgers at Hotel Lydmar.

Day 63:

Photo © English Mamma

Yesterday we went back to what is becoming our new favourite local cafe for brunch (and car magazines for Little O).

Day 64:

Photo © English Mamma

Vasaloppet, an annual cross-country skiing competition here in Sweden, started at 8am this morning. As Husband has participated in the past, he is always keen to watch it. This year, however, he had not counted on a lively toddler for company for the 8am start. Unfortunately, Little O cannot stay still for more than five seconds at a time and five minutes into the race he had decided that there were far too many skiers and far too few cars involved and that clambering all over Pappa was far more fun.

So that is a snapshot of our week. Now head over to The Boy and Me and check out what others have been up to this week!

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    • Kat says

      Isn’t it crazy? You would think that after a while his arm or hand would have gone to sleep, but he seemed perfectly comfortable!

  1. donnabird143 says

    Really enjoying your photos for 366. You have a good eye for taking photos :-)

    • Kat says

      Thank you! I must really try and take more with my dSLR though – it is sadly neglected now that I use Instagram and Snapseed on the iPhone so much.

    • Kat says

      It’s great – it has a sloping climbing wall with a rope, a slide and a fireman’s pole. Little O loves it, although he’s only big enough to go down the slide so far.

    • Kat says

      I have had a bit of a bad habit of taking pictures of buildings rather than people, especially on holiday, but the boys seem to be curing me of that!