Day 91 – Swedish meatballs

Enjoying Swedish meatballs

Maybe not the biggest rite of passage for a toddler (I guess pretty much most things areactually a rite of passage for them really, if I think about it…), but we ordered a child’s portion for the first time for Little O: Swedish meatballs at Ikea!


Day 90 – Four seasons in one day

Crazy Stockholm weather

Okay, this was just the craziest day weather-wise. We had it all: sunshine, blue skies, black clouds, downpours, snow and then hail. I forget each year that late March and April can be crazy on the weather front. Every time, I am lulled into a false sense of security by the lovely spring weather during March, and then, boom! The cold weather returns. Brrrr!


Day 87 – Little daredevil

Our little daredevil

Little O is getting more and more adventurous (or should that be devil may care?) at the playground. Luckily, this was done with Husband’s guiding hand behind him but he now wants to do all these same things when it is me and him at the playground too, and I’m too much of a scaredy cat (on behalf of both of us) to allow it, I’m afraid.


Photo 366 challenge – week 12

We’ve just arrived back from a very last-minute trip down to southern Sweden, which has been totally draining. So I am afraid that this week’s photos are accompanied by very brief captions only.

Day 79:

Little O demonstrates the new way to wear a bib

Day 80:

Reading nook

Day 81:

Wedding day memories found in a magazine

Day 82:

Look, no boots!

Day 83:

Just before attempting "the transfer"

Day 84: No photo this day, I’m afraid.

Day 85:

Now boarding at gate 2

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