I am always moaning that the shops here stock better clothes for baby girls than baby boys. Off the top of my head, the only store that I can say that offers an equally large selection for little boys is Zara, and Husband has banned any more Zara clothes in the house as all of them require washing at 30°. I know this is better for the environment, but baby boys are not the cleanest of creatures and 30° is simply not hot enough (at least not in our communal washing machines – and that is a whole other blog post there…) to get the dirt and stains out.

polarn och pyret pop clothes
Image by Polarn och Pyret

I work pretty near quite a large branch of the Swedish children’s clothing store Polarn och Pyret, otherwise known as POP. The other day I decided to pop in (see what I did there?) as it is a good place to pick up a copy of the free listings for kids booklet that comes out each month. And, lucky me, they had just got their new collection in. And, even better, there were so many lovely things for little boys as well. I picked up a very cute little floral shirt for Baby O’s first birthday, but I was also very tempted by the stripy t-shirts and brightly coloured trousers – the colours certainly did pop (sorry, I couldn’t help it…). They have some lovely things in this season.

I think I might have to pay another visit – after all, Baby O is getting through the clothes pretty quickly these days…

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