Rock your camera

After reading a post from Beth on I Should Be Folding Laundry, I recently joined photography website Clickin Moms as a way to improve my photography. I love taking pictures and I have this great entry-level SLR (Canon EOS 450D) but I really only use about 1/100th of its potential. One of the benefits of being a member of the site is the great photography workshops they offer online. Beth had taken the Rock Your Camera 101 photo course and gave it rave reviews.

The idea behind the RYC 101 workshop is to get you to stop using your SLR in the automatic function and to switch to manual. It can either be taken fully or as a study along course. I chose the latter since I expect to have less time after I head back to work (next Tuesday – eek!), making the $300 price for the full course seem considerable versus $150 for study along. Study along means that you get all the course literature and can do the assignments but you cannot post your assignment photos on the forum for appraisal by the pros. Fine with me, actually – I would like a little more practice with the new skills I am learning before I put the photos out there and ask for critiques. Call me a wuss…

But I thought I’d share with you the photos I have taken for the assignments so you can see a little about what you learn during the workshop. And if you like, let me know what you think.

Week 1 pictures

  1. Outside
Photo © English Mamma

ISO 200    f/5    1/250

  1. Window light
Photo © English Mamma

ISO 800   f1,8   1/250

  1. Inside (low light)
rock your camera 101 photo course
Photo © English Mamma

ISO 800    f/1,8    1/125

  1. Location of your choice – Inside with low light
Photo © English Mamma

ISO 800    f/1,8    1/25

I chose to take another shot in low light, as this is an area where I feel I need to do a lot of extra practice. To me this still looks too murky. Normally, if I had a picture like this I would tinker around with it in Photoshop Elements until it looked okay. But I hope that taking this workshop means that I can learn enough that I don’t need to rely on Elements to make my photos look decent.

Well, it’s Monday again now and so that means week 2 begins. Wish me luck!

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