The wonder weeks

newborn baby wonder weeks

Photo © English Mamma

Have you heard about the newborn baby Wonder Weeks? We have now. Yesterday we had a bit of a difficult day. O woke at his normal early morning feeding time (3am-ish) but then woke again every hour and a half not really wanting to feed but just crying, then screaming. I fed him to calm him down, but he just got more and more agitated.

We finally got him settled down to sleep after around six hours, only for him to wake again about an hour later. I got him to settle down after another feed by taking him out in the pram. That lasted just over an hour before he woke and became wound up again. I got him into the BabyBjörn carrier and after bouncing and walking him around for about 40 mins, he settled down again.

When he woke a couple of hours later, he fed and fed and fed, and when we went to settle him in bed, he cried and cried and cried and then screamed and screamed and screamed… for an hour and a half…

Being new parents, we were beside ourselves. We kept on going in to him to try and settle him by picking him up, rocking him to sleep (breaking many of “the rules” in the baby books), but every time we put him back down, he’d wake again and resume his screaming.

Eventually, I managed to settle him (thanks to Tracy Hogg, the Baby Whisperer) by gently patting and stroking his belly, but what a night…

Then this morning I heard about the Wonder Weeks from a friend with an eight week old. These are weeks in a newborn’s life when their development ramps up a few extra notches. They seem to follow a similar pattern to the growth spurts, which makes sense since growth spurts occur so newborns can develop further.

Well, looking at the symptoms for wonder week five (baby being upset, having problems sleeping, wanting to spend more time close to you and feeding more frequently), it seems that O is heading into this wonder week… [sigh]. Well, at least forewarned is forearmed!

This blog post by Sue Haydon at Bloggin’ About Babies gives some more info about wonder week five and offers some useful tips for how to deal with it. We will follow her advice and see if tonight proves better than last night.