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I’ve noticed from the stats for my blog that a lot of people are directed here after searching for information on maternity clothes. But where to buy maternity clothes in Sweden? So, I thought I’d offer a little info on the options available here in Sweden and where I found the clothes that have sustained me through pregnancy.

For the basics (vest tops, leggings, tights, maternity bras), I found that I could not go wrong with H&M. A pack of two maternity/breastfeeding bras costs around 200-250kr (one black, one white) and you can also pick up a maternity starter pack of vest top, leggings and bump cover in black for around 300kr. I also found a great pair of jeans there for just under 500kr but I advise you to try these on first as they can be a bit hit and miss. The advantage of H&M is that if your local store does not stock maternity wear (mammakläder), then you can always buy online and have the items delivered to your door.

After H&M, I headed to ASOS, another online store, this one based in the UK. Here you can find some slightly more interesting maternity gear and although the pregnancy outfits do not change as frequently as the stock in other parts of the store, the range is pretty good. ASOS is also good if you’re looking for something a little more dressy or fashion-forward. The postage to Sweden is a flat rate of 60kr for standard delivery (within 6 days) and 120kr for express (within 4 days).

I’ve also picked up a few tops in Zara (some maternity, others not) but here in Sweden their maternity range is limited to one very small rack, and when I was in London even the large stores in the West End did not seem to stock clothes for pregnant ladies, which was very disappointing. That said, one of the maternity tops I bought there I have definitely had my money’s worth from!

Mamas & Papas in the UK offers a good range of clothes and now also delivers overseas (to Europe for €15). I picked up quite a few items here during my London trip in December. The shop offers a good range of basics as well as seasonal clothes too.

If you want to take things more upscale, two options I have found to lust over are Isabella Oliver and Mama La Mode if you want to splash out.

On the whole, I’ve been disappointed with the range of pregnancy clothes available here in Sweden, finding Polarn O Pyret too expensive for what you get and a little too frumpy and the ranges in most other stores too narrow.

However, one tip I have been given by all friends who have already had children is Boob breastfeeding tops. Unfortunately, they are redoing their English site but on the Swedish part of the site you can see how these tops work and even buy online. Also available are maternity clothes. Most of the big maternity stores in Stockholm also stock some Boob clothing.

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