Third trimester visits

third trimester check ups
Photo by Voxphoto (on Flickr)

So now I’m in the third trimester, my visits to the midwife have sped up to every three weeks. Third trimester check ups are a little different.

Third trimester check ups

Every visit we follow the same basic procedure: she measures my belly to see how gyermek is growing, we listen to the heartbeat (and occasionally hear little hiccups!), she takes my blood pressure and then the worst part – a blood prick test on the finger to test my blood sugar level. I dread this for two reasons: first, I am a total wimp when it comes to needles and even this test gets my heart racing; and secondly, I know just how many sweet things I’ve been eating… I know it is terrible, but since I got pregnant I have been a cake and chocolate fiend. (I now have a bit of a reputation at work since I nearly bowled over a colleague in my haste to make it to the kitchen one day when we were having cake…)

After these few tests by the midwife, we sit and have a bit of a chat about how I feel. She seems terribly concerned about stress, which I find quite bemusing as I feel pretty relaxed about most things to do with the pregnancy, and even the birth does not worry too unduly (well, not for the moment, anyway).

For those who can read Swedish, this gives some good information on what to expect during visits to the midwife in the third trimester.

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  1. says

    Sometimes, I think it’s better to pretend we’re stressed to these midwives/health visitors and that way they won’t go on about it. If they see we are not stressed, they wonder why as though we’re supposed to be. I remember my HV asking me if I felt suicidal after I’d given birth. I might have looked like death warmed up every time she arrived but I wasn’t suicidal!

    You must be very excited. Hope you’re feeling well till the end.
    CJ xx

    • Kat says

      @Crystal Jigsaw – I know what you mean! She is very concerned about my job and any stress that that may bring. I almost feel sometimes that I need to have issues to discuss with her, just so I get to fill my half an hour slot – otherwise, I’m in and out within 15 minutes… Nice of the HV to ask about suicidal feelings, really makes you feel better!

      @bwakeling, good luck to you two as well – enjoy it!

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    • Kat says

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