There’s snow place like home

Snow drift on our balcony (photo by English Mamma)

So, it’s snowing again… I really do love the snow and, after last year’s grey hell of a miserable winter, I was so glad when the snow came in December. It lightened up the days and made people more cheerful (really, this is true – the moment the sun comes out here in the spring, people stop on street corners and at bus stops, turn their faces to the sun, close their eyes and soak in the rays).

However, I am now beginning to develop a love/hate relationship with the white stuff as it seems that I have got SPD (föglossning in Swedish) or Syphysis Pubis Dysfunction, when the pelvic joints become inflamed. Luckily, I am not suffering too badly with it at present, mainly thanks to my personal trainer (who is also a sports physiotherapist) wrenching me in different directions  taking me through some stretches for the back and pelvis. My midwife says that I would probably barely have the SPD were it not for the snow. Because of the snow and ice on the pavements she says that when outside I tense up my body for fear of slipping over.

So, snow… lovely white stuff or evil menace of the pregnant lady??

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