Coming apart at the seams?

East Lothian Museums

The first week or so of the third trimester is proving a bit challenging. First, the heartburn. Then I found that where the skin on my belly had been itchy, I had unknowingly scratched at a couple of moles. Cue an appointment booked at the doctors to get them checked out. And now, I have brushed my teeth a bit too hard, forgetting how much more sensitive your gums are during pregnancy, and have split the gum on one of my front bottom teeth. And cue an appointment at the dentist in a few days to check there is no infection.

I was only saying the other day to Husband that my midwife appointments were so short as I have so few questions or things to tell her – at least now I’ll be able to share these with her!

On the bright side though, no swelling or waddling to report!