A little R&R

I hold my hand up now: My name is Kat and I love spa treatments. Really love ’em.

Since I became pregnant, I have been searching for different treatments that I can actually have. So many are now off the list – those lovely hot stone massages, along with most other forms of treatment. I now spend hours scouring the spa websites just to find those treatments that I can have.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: pregnancy spa treatments
Picture by Torekov Hotell

Before Christmas, we spent a couple of days at Torekov Hotell in Skåne. It was a perfect break for both of us, given my belly and Husband’s healing Achilles tendon. We booked a two-night spa package that included overnight stays, dinner both nights, breakfast and lunch both days, entrance to the spa and a 50-minute spa treatment each – bliss.

We were able just to laze in the pool there and then relax upstairs in the warm next to the fire, overlooking the ice-covered outdoor pool.The spa offers a treatment called Freyas Mammakur: a body scrub with scented oil and salt and then a body wrap, followed by a body massage.

The body wrap was incredibly relaxing and as she wrapped the plastic around me and covered me in towels, she told me just to lie back and take it easy while she left me for ten minutes. She closed the door quietly behind her and I settled in for ten minutes of winding down. Unfortunately, a certain someone had other ideas and had apparently been invigorated by the body scrub… There followed for the next ten minutes the most amount of wriggling around, kicking and moving that I had so far felt during the pregnancy. Wrapped up like a mummy I was not even able to put my hands on my stomach, which usually calms gyermek down somewhat. No, I had to resort to talking to, asking, begging and then pleading with gyermek to allow me to relax. I’ve no idea what she thought when she came back into the room and found me talking to myself.

Picture from Centralbadet
I have also found a treatment at Centralbadet in Stockholm called Mother-to-be. I booked this for last Sunday and loved it so much that I’ll definitely make time for another in the next couple of months. The treatment has all the elements that I love, starting with a neck and shoulder massage, then a body scrub, massaged into your arms and legs. After this, they apply a spirulina mask to your belly to help prevent stretch marks and swathe you in a body wrap while you have a scalp massage. I practically floated out of the door at the end.

The price is a little high for the treatment (900 Skr for 50 minutes) but this does include entrance to the baths, allowing you access to the pools. I planned to swim after the treatment, not considering that I would be covered in massage oil… Next time, I will definitely swim beforehand.

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