I heart Rennies

Just three days before I hit the third trimester, I suffered from heartburn for the first time. I had really expected hoped that because I’d managed to avoid this in the first trimester that I would be safe. Not so lucky, I’m afraid…

After an incident late Thursday night/early Friday morning in which I woke as the stomach acid hit the back of my throat and spent the next hour desperately sucking Rennies and convincing myself that I would not be discovered Jimi Hendrix-style the next morning (amazing how vivid the imagination can be at 1.17am…), Husband does not let me out of his sight without checking first that I am packing at least eight Rennies.

Lovely little, life-saving Rennies.


Beating the travel blues

Beating the travel blues

Picture by SJ

I think I have formulated a plan to get a bit more travelling in before gyermek arrives. For about the same price as the flight would cost, I can take the train down from Stockholm to Copenhagen to visit friends down there, travelling in first class no less.

The train only takes about four a half hours, which is about how long the whole trip out to the airport, the checking in and the flight would actually take. And, oddly enough, the first class ticket only costs about 40kr more than second class and means that I can choose a seat beforehand and surf the internet while onboard.

Beating the travel blues – this has put a great big smile on my face. Easter with my Copenhagen ladies – fabulous!


Wanted: my old taste buds back

pregnancy cravings

Photo by mhlosh

It might sound like I’m beginning to become obsessed with food, but really, is that so bad? So here we go, another food-related post.

I haven’t really experienced too many cravings so far in my pregnancy, but there are a few foods that I loved before that just don’t taste the same now. Salmon and broccoli I used to love but in the first few weeks of pregnancy I found that I just could not bear their smell, let alone eat them. I’m slowly getting my taste for the two of them back.

That’s not my real concern though. No, my real issue is far more serious than that…

When I first started feeling sick in the early months, toast was a staple in my diet – toast with peanut butter, toast with honey and toast with Marmite. And the Marmite tasted just great, just the same.

Then, in December when I was in London at a friend’s house, I had some Twiglets. They tasted funny. I assumed that they were just too close to their best before date or that they had used something new in the recipe. Back in Stockholm, I made a round of Marmite on toast. As I started on them, the realisation struck – Marmite just didn’t taste the same… I mean, it wasn’t that it tasted horrid, just that it didn’t taste the same or as good.

I’ve been a Marmite lover for thirty-something years. I cannot imagine what I will put on my toast instead. Peanut butter is good but it is just not Marmite.

Husband finds the situation very amusing; after all, I’ve spent the past four years trying to tempt him with Marmite, and now I just don’t really like it any more.

Please someone tell me that my old taste buds will return…


The do’s and don’ts of eating

pregnancy eating restrictions

Photo by mrtruffle

I just came across this great post on Mama Eve Blog. It really struck home my feelings when reading all the differing advice on what you should and shouldn’t eat during pregnancy.

This is my first pregnancy and I feel the same way that Suchada says she did in her first: following all the “rules” as much as possible – no unpasteurised cheese, no cured meat, no alcohol, tuna only in small doses, red meat cooked to well done and no sushi (although I do have to admit that cutting out sushi altogether has been easier said than done).

I’ve noticed, however, that friends in their second and later pregnancies comfortably eat all these apparently prohibited foods with little concern.

And as Suchada points out, most of these warnings regarding food are related to food poisoning fears.

So, a belated New Year’s resolution: I’m not going to be so overly anxious about food (within reason, of course). Provided I use my common sense, I think there are a good number of foods on the list that I can eat in moderation, particularly as I am not someone who is susceptible to food poisoning.

Of course, I will still do whatever I can to ensure that I protect little gyermek (such as by avoiding Thai green curry!), but as Suchada puts it: “if you (or the baby) want the salad with the feta cheese, just eat it!”

As she goes on to say: “There’s no need to live in a bubble just because you’re expecting. Enjoy the time! There are too many other things about pregnancy that are uncomfortable and strange that we shouldn’t impose extra rules just because.”

Thank you, Suchada, for putting me back in touch with my pre-pregnancy common sense.


Spicy delight?

Apparently, and unfortunately, it turns out that gyermek does not like Thai green curry with chicken too much.

I bought a takeaway curry on my way home from work yesterday from Sawadee in Kungshallen and settled down to enjoy it and last week’s episode of Glee. The curry was good (though not as good as Bee’s Thai) but lovely and spicy – so much so that it burned my lips by the time I’d finished.

When I headed off to bed a couple of hours later, I started to feel gyermek moving around a little, and then more and more. Over the next 20 minutes, gyermek twisted and turned and kicked and elbowed and spun around again, started to settle down, only for this process to start all over again.

Hmmm, something tells me that I won’t be having Thai green curry again for the next few months!


A little R&R

I hold my hand up now: My name is Kat and I love spa treatments. Really love ’em.

Since I became pregnant, I have been searching for different treatments that I can actually have. So many are now off the list – those lovely hot stone massages, along with most other forms of treatment. I now spend hours scouring the spa websites just to find those treatments that I can have.

An English Mamma in Stockholm: pregnancy spa treatments

Picture by Torekov Hotell

Before Christmas, we spent a couple of days at Torekov Hotell in Skåne. It was a perfect break for both of us, given my belly and Husband’s healing Achilles tendon. We booked a two-night spa package that included overnight stays, dinner both nights, breakfast and lunch both days, entrance to the spa and a 50-minute spa treatment each – bliss.

We were able just to laze in the pool there and then relax upstairs in the warm next to the fire, overlooking the ice-covered outdoor pool.The spa offers a treatment called Freyas Mammakur: a body scrub with scented oil and salt and then a body wrap, followed by a body massage.

The body wrap was incredibly relaxing and as she wrapped the plastic around me and covered me in towels, she told me just to lie back and take it easy while she left me for ten minutes. She closed the door quietly behind her and I settled in for ten minutes of winding down. Unfortunately, a certain someone had other ideas and had apparently been invigorated by the body scrub… There followed for the next ten minutes the most amount of wriggling around, kicking and moving that I had so far felt during the pregnancy. Wrapped up like a mummy I was not even able to put my hands on my stomach, which usually calms gyermek down somewhat. No, I had to resort to talking to, asking, begging and then pleading with gyermek to allow me to relax. I’ve no idea what she thought when she came back into the room and found me talking to myself.

Picture from Centralbadet

I have also found a treatment at Centralbadet in Stockholm called Mother-to-be. I booked this for last Sunday and loved it so much that I’ll definitely make time for another in the next couple of months. The treatment has all the elements that I love, starting with a neck and shoulder massage, then a body scrub, massaged into your arms and legs. After this, they apply a spirulina mask to your belly to help prevent stretch marks and swathe you in a body wrap while you have a scalp massage. I practically floated out of the door at the end.

The price is a little high for the treatment (900 Skr for 50 minutes) but this does include entrance to the baths, allowing you access to the pools. I planned to swim after the treatment, not considering that I would be covered in massage oil… Next time, I will definitely swim beforehand.


Designer maternity wear

Picture from

I’ve spent this Sunday morning pottering around the apartment, doing little bits of clearing up (a necessary evil for a hoarder such as I). I’ve been ruthless today and am throwing out two years of copies of the now sadly defunct Eve magazine. In the course of my flicking through the old issues, I found this great site selling designer maternity wear, Mama-la-mode.

Some of the clothes are pretty expensive, especially if you consider that there are not too many times you’ll wear them – cost per wear goes right out the window… However, they currently have a sale on and you can save up to 80%.

Just six weeks after the due date we are attending a wedding, so I am definitely going to bookmark this one and see if I can pick something suitable for the event, as I doubt that anything but maternity wear will fit.